Indian Real Estate: An Investor’s Dream Come True

The spurt of business as well as industrial activities in and around major urban centres has led to a massive demand for residential, commercial, retail and office space as well as increase in prospective buyers for real estate developers in India. Even though the realty firms and their projects are barrelling full steam ahead, they are still hard pressed to meet the ever rising tide of demand for the various infrastructure needs of the modern Indian.Mumbai and Delhi have risen to the top of the property price ladder, and even though various estimates put one ahead of the other in terms of the property’s value, the general consensus is that they are the priciest cities in India today. Other cities are also fast catching up, as businesses are looking to forever expand their operations to other metro cities of India. Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Pune are close contenders in the race to attract investors, even though the risks and returns on such investments in these cities hinge on factors very different from one another. For example, the economic and political stability of one city might seem to be a safe bet, but the gestation period may be extended, while another city might promise a windfall return on investment, but are hugely influenced by policy changes. As an investor, it would be wise to research the various governmental and economic policies and choose the city of investment wisely.The reasons for the real estate boom are vast and varied, ranging from industrial and financial growth (the burgeoning of the IT and BPO services) to the respective state governments’ policies regarding investments in this sphere, as well as more and more affordable home loans being available to the public thanks to lower interest rates. Moreover, investments in residential and commercial spaces are relatively safe from minor to medium intensity economic turbulence, as opposed to stocks or mutual funds, and this is a major factor that draws in the working Indian professional looking to make a medium to long term investment.With all this growth in this market, realtors in India have struck a gold mine of opportunity. Shielded from most of the risks associated with huge market ventures, the major Indian cities have seen a flurry of construction over the past decade powered by the major realty developers in the country. A new construction project is completed somewhere in India every twelve hours by some estimates, and as such the property market in India valued at over USD 12 billion. The major real estate developers in India have their work cut out for them, and nobody is complaining. Tier 1 and 2 cities are awash with projects under construction, and their skyline is peppered by countless cranes erecting the monuments that, when completed, will become the symbols of the growing economic power of India.